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Friends Only

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Friends only - comment to be added

♥♥♥ - Mutual friends, similar interests, knowing you from somewhere, re-adds
XXX - Dead accounts, bad grammar, random adds

My journal contains a mix of rl, fandom & graphics talk, memes and just general capslock.
Please dont add me for graphics - my graphics community is fancy_tuna


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First off, if you can see this post over here, you haven't been cut.

If you can't see it...then the reason i've cut you is either you haven't updated in a long time, or we just don't have much in common anymore/never really spoken despite being friends for a while. I feel bad for spamming your f-list out with my useless updates when we don't even really know each other. It's really nothing personal at all. If you feel like you've been cut when you shouldn't have been or still wanted to be friends with me, pm me or drop me a comment here - I'll re-add you back and try extra hard to find some common ground between us.


I really do feel awful about this and it's nothing against you if you've been cut at all, ok? ♥